COVID-19 has changed the way Caregivers interact with the rest of the world.

The bottom line is that we have loved ones to protect, whether they live with us or somewhere else.

Changing the Response

CareTreks is able to provide guidance, share resources and make referrals over the phone and via Zoom.

Caregiver Reality Check

Before your family makes an emotionally-based decision to change your loved one's living situation, consider calling CareTreks for a Caregiver Reality Check.  Whether you are concerned about their ability to live safely independently, are considering caregiving in your home, or a move to or from a community-based care setting, it is best for all involved to take the time to step back and consider all of the implications.  This is a 60 to 90 minute Zoom-based conversation with your family to take an objective look at whether or not a move is truly in your loved-one's best interest and what options may be available that weren't being considered.

The purpose is not to encourage or discourage the decision, but to look at all aspects of care, family impact, financial concerns, health complications and more in order to set your family up for success as you either continue with the moving process or find alternative ways to support and communicate with your loved one where they already reside.

The $150 flat-fee for this consultation may include up to 8 decision-making family members.

Call or email today to schedule your family's Caregiver Reality Check.

Home-Based Caregiver Support

Every Caregiving situation is unique.  There is no one-size-fits-all solution, which means it is important to seek guidance that can be customized to your family's needs.

General Support

Based on an in-depth phone interview, a 2-hour, customized, in-home Guidance Session will be developed to meet your needs.  Personal care, best practices for medication management, dementia strategies, home safety & accessibility and Advance Care Planning are examples of topics that can be covered.

You will be provided with resources and referrals to help build your Caregiving team and, within the next three months, an additional 1-hour in-home Guidance Session is provided to either continue with the previous topics, answer any new questions or connect you with additional resources.

Post-Discharge Support

Sometimes there is a gap between the insurance company saying your loved one is ready to go home and your family's comfort level with that discharge.

After a hospitalization or rehab stay, the Caregiving Journey for you and your loved one may be heading down a different path - temporarily or permanently.

This service is a shorter 90-minute Guidance Session to help reorient your family and smooth your loved one's transition home.

Business-to-Business Caregiver Support

As a business owner who works with seniors or their adult children, you are undoubtedly aware of the stress Caregiving has on their daily lives. 

While your profession serves this population, perhaps you don't have the Caregiving or senior services connections within your network, or the time to seek them out, that would allow you to provide appropriate referrals to your clients in a knowledgeable way.

Partnering with CareTreks equips you with the ability to provide an exceptional add-on service for your valued clients.

Whether you choose to request that a CareTreks Guide research solutions for your clients for you to present or you prefer to provide your clients with a Guide to engage with them directly, they will appreciate your efforts to assist them on their Caregiving Journey.

Work-Based Caregiver Support

Increase workplace productivity by decreasing the personal stress your employees are experiencing.  Provide them with the expert advice and support they need to navigate their Caregiving Journey.

Caregiving for aging loved ones is having a dramatic impact on our workforce, whether those employees are providing local or long-distance support.

Surprisingly, employers are, for the most part, either ignoring this impact on employee productivity out of the belief that it isn't significant or they are unaware of the reality of their employees' lives.

Employers who are truly invested in attracting and retaining the best employees will need to not only acknowledge this ever-expanding stressor on all levels of their organization, but actively seek solutions to support their employees before they leave - for home or a more supportive working environment.

CareTreks Corporate Support provides a CareTreks Guide as an employer-sponsored benefit.  Annual plans are customized to each organization.


Medication Best Practices

Let's talk about how to decipher the prescription label, best practices for organizing and tracking medications, questions you should ask the doctor and what to do with meds that are expired or no longer needed.

Personal Care

Having the desire to help doesn't always mean the skills to do so safely are inherently known.  Assisting a loved one with personal care can be tricky, both physically and emotionally.


Resources and Referrals

Going it alone is not a good idea.  There may be resources nearby that you don't even know about...or maybe there are so many that you don't even know where to start.  Do you know the lingo?  Home care vs home health, palliative vs hospice, ADLs vs IADLs.  Let's look into building a support team for your Caregiving Journey.

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