Bring meaning and substance to your organization's benefits.

Corporate Support provides forward-thinking organizations with the ability to provide support for their employees who are attempting to balance their work responsibilities with personal Caregiving responsibilities.

A majority of today's workforce is impacted by Caregiving.  Whether they are a live-in, hands-on Caregiver to an aging loved one, a "stop by after work every day to make sure everything is okay" Caregiver, or an out-of-state support Caregiver, their performance and focus at work is being impacted.

Corporate Support Service Plans are customized to meet the needs of each organization with optional add-ons available.

CareTreks Corporate Support provides:

  • Access to a CareTreks Guide by email, phone, and Zoom
  • Reduced rate for CareTreks in-home Guidance Sessions
  • Onsite seminars/Zoom webinars (optional)
  • Onsite Caregiving Resource Fair with local service providers and community organizations (optional)
  • Setup/coordination of an onsite Caregiver Resource Library (optional)

For pricing information, please email [email protected] or call         720-512-7441.